Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cottage Chic? Country Chic Living?

Or how about four kids, 2 dogs and no money chic?

I finally peeled off the wallpaper yesterday in one fell swoop. Well it didn't come off that easy, but after a trip to our local friendly ACE store where I purchased some DIF, a spray bottle and a bit of motivation I was able to remove it all. And now I clearly see why we had to wallpaper the room. I had myself all set to just paint because it is more economical and easier to change but I'm not quite sure that the defects in the 100 year-old walls will not be glaring.

Not one to go down without a fight I went to the BHG website for some inspiration, however, their decorating collections just don't seem to fit my lifestyle. Maybe if I got rid of the animals, found homes for the children, sent the husband to live in the barn and, well, basically lived alone, it would work. Then I could select between Chic I and Chic II or even Living with Books. Not that I truly care for any of those options but the ability to pick something other than super-heavy-duty-extremely washable paint would be nice.


Erin the Librarian said...

Hey, my mom is the queen of texture painting if you need help/advice. Our house (her house) is over 140 years old, so she knows how to disguise wall flaws. Wallpaper sucks!!!

Lisa Greenfelder said...

I'm going with paneling. It can be painted or left it's natural, fake woody self. It has to be economical or nobody in the '70s would have done it.

Tracey said...

I am so sorry you had to see your lovely wallpaper go. I know how much you loved it. Call me, we'll do chinese and look for something farmer chic.

paige said...

textured paint or a (very) subtle faux treatment can disguise myriad flaws.

Good luck, duck!