Thursday, October 9, 2008

As Long As I Have My Running Shoes

This election is wrecking havoc on my brain so I've decided to forgo the evil thoughts I have about it and resume a life of ignorance. Some people may consider this irresponsible or just plain stupid but I've had enough of people gleefully supporting one candidate while denouncing the other. Both sides are being slaughtered and praised at the same time, it just depends on who you want to believe and want you want to believe in. At this time I'm gonna believe in my running shoes because I know where they've been, who they associate with and how they'll treat me. There are no surprises and no matter what happens I'll always have them (or a pair just like them) and unless things get really bad I'll always be able to lace up and tromp down the road.

I read a few running blogs and last night as I was preparing for my psyche to go into another fit regarding this damn election I realized that if you only read these blogs and nothing else you would have no idea that America was divided and getting prepared for a major election. Say what you want about people that are not making this election their life-consuming hobby but they have other ways to feel triumphant. I like runners. Especially these runners. Sure they may be in the midst of marathon taper and have nothing but 26.2 miles or more on the mind, but I relish the focus on the run and not The Race.

This weekend I'm gearing up for another trail race and I'm popping the vitamin C to keep a creepy cold at bay. Part of me dreads the whole race scene, (Just ask those that travel with me, I'm a pretty nervous racer.) but if my memory serves me correctly I'll be elated at the finish and pleased later in the day when my legs ache and my muscles protest at the sight of stairs.

I don't need this election in my life, all I need is my running shoes and perhaps a bit of decent chocolate. It doesn't matter who wins as long as the medical *marijuana* legislation passes in Michigan so that when we have national health care (Let's just pray it isn't modeled after the government school system, Medicaid, social security or any of those other wonderful government controlled areas, or better yet the Secretary of State.) and it takes me a year to see my rheumatologist I'll at least have something for the pain lupus causes.

Enjoy The Race. I know I'll have a great time at mine and I'm confident that my shoes and I will have a clear head at the end!


abby said...

Maybe you'll wanna add Cute Overload to your daily blog reads:
Awwwww! Better already.

Lisa Greenfelder said...

I soooo agree on the political overkill, but you know running's not really my thing either. So I'll have to settle for chocolate, a good book and some Home and Garden TV. That really hit the spot.