Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nice Buns Baby!

I have a preoccupation with buns, the kind that come hot and browned out of the oven that is. Because of my obsession with homemade bread (the kneading, the smell, the melted butter, the taste) we have yeasty beasties in action around here quite often. So really, don't believe Vinnie when he tells you that I do nothing all day, this guy has "baked from scratch" goods more often than he deserves. Today he will experience Soft Yogurt Sandwich Rolls (there is a photo of them here) that I have made slightly smaller than the recipe suggests so we can have them as dinner rolls instead. He will in no way appreciate the effort put into this and declare them to be "fine" which in man-speak usually means "They are really good but I can't acknowledge that fully or it will go to your happy homemaker head." I take what I can get.

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Erin the Librarian said...

Vinnie has no clue how spoiled he is. He should have a long chat with some man who's wife works full time who never bakes, hardly ever cooks and doesn't clean much either.