Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Little Home Advertising

Our local library is paying for a half-page ad in the newspaper this weekend to let people in the community know that Hello! The library is more than just books. The librarian sent me a copy of the ad and it is perfect. You don't even have to be able to read to understand what the library offers, they can get it all!

The library is trying to get more people to see what a valuable asset the library is so the ad is being aimed at those who don't frequent the establishment. My husband is a prime example. He likes dirt more than books and the only time he has officially been in the library was for the wine-tasting fundraiser last fall. And I'm sure the promise of alcohol and women in tiny black dresses avoided a fabricated farm-related emergency that would have caused his absence.

So when the ad arrived in my mailbox I promptly printed it and placed it in a prominent spot in his office. He will see it everyday and next time he asks me to spell a word I'll tell him to call the reference desk at his local library, the phone number is conveniently on the ad. The library employees will love me even more than they do now! (I swear I'm reading those overdue books as fast as I can!) And soon I hope to cover up the Bush/Cheney (yes, he is still living in 2004) bumper sticker on his mudroom cubby with a Vote Yes for Library Mileage sign. I figure I can slowly change his subconscious and if that doesn't work I'll tie him up while I fill out his absentee ballot.

***Now how funny is it that he just called from the road to have me spell "sincerely"? I was a good wife and spelled it for him instead of directing him elsewhere. (You can thank me later Erin.)


Erin the Librarian said...

Ok, two really funny things about this post.

First, you can have Vinnie call me anytime. You can even give him my cell if you want, I'll just pretend he's one of my relatives. I am their personal librarian anyways. But, I do have one proviso, he must vote yes when we get that far, and he must admit it to his friends.

Second, when I read the bit about the Bush/Cheney sticker and him still living in 2004, I took it to mean that yes, Cheney is still alive. Only upon reading the whole post a second time did I realize that I had read it wrong and you were talking about Vinnie. I guess that shows what I know about the big VP.

Mechelle said...

Erin I think you should spend your lunch hours here where Rush Limbaugh is part of our meal, you'd be surprised at the knowledge you would come away with.

Lisa Greenfelder said...

Shout out to Erin for a kick but ad! You could cross over to the lucritive world of advertising any time this library thing gets you down.