Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Reply

SmartWool is fast! But I hate form letters. I already answered her questions in my original email, grrrrr. And now I have to pay to ship their defunct product back to them so they can replace it, which is totally worth it but I wouldn't turn down an extra pair in addition to the broken pair as an incentive for me to continue to purchase their products. We'll see what happens. (And at least she spelled my name correctly!)

Hi Mechelle,

Thanks so much for your email. We know how busy people are so we appreciate it all the more when our customers take a few minutes to drop us an email.

SmartWool does have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I would recommend trying to exchange them through the store you bought them from. If they can’t and you live in the USA, I would love to take a look at your socks and evaluate them. Please send the product back to me at:

SmartWool Warranties

P.O. BOX 774928 (USPS)

3495 Airport Circle (UPS)

Steamboat Springs, CO 80477


Please include a letter stating the reason for the return, shipping address (FedEx), phone number, and size of the product. Also if you could answer the following questions we would greatly appreciate it.

1) How often do you wear the product?

2) How long have you had the product?

3) What do you wear these socks for – going to work, skiing, running, etc?

4) What size foot do you have, and what size is the product?

5) What type of shoe/boot/sandal are you wearing with this product?

We will try to exchange it for the same style and color, but if it is not available we will return a similar product.

SmartWool Guarantee

SmartWool’s goal is to provide you with seriously comfortable, superior quality products for your everyday lifestyle. Our commitment goes beyond using environmentally sensitive and renewable materials. We guarantee them.

If these products don’t perform to your satisfaction, simply return them following the instructions for a replacement or refund.

We cannot extend our offer to replace or refund product damaged due to normal wear from use. The conditions in which the product is worn, how often it is worn, proper shoe fit, & ensuring proper care instructions are followed, all play a role in the life of your SmartWool product. Remember, SmartWool is made from natural fibers, and designed to deliver maximum comfort and performance. Nylon and other synthetic fibers can be more durable, but at the expense of comfort and performance.

Thank you,

Tracy Norman
Consumer Relations| SmartWool

800.550.Wool • direct: 970-875-2310 •
3495 Airport Circle, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
U.S. Mail: PO Box 774928, Steamboat Springs, CO. 80477

SmartWool. Feels Good

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