Monday, February 28, 2011

I love my SmartWool

But not when they break :(

I have written SmartWool in an effort to possibly get a replacement pair. If these were $2.99 Target socks I wouldn't bother but these are high quality, sensory-sensitive socks that I love almost as much as my running shoes.

I hope SmartWool has customer service that matches Asics, because Asics rocks.

Dear SmartWool,

I received 4 pairs of SmartWool socks for Christmas and they were the perfect gift because I love SmartWool, they are the only socks I wear. Unfortunately,when I put on one of my new pairs (two months old at this point) last week I felt a sticky spot as I walking and as I looked at what I stepped on I was shocked to find a hole in my almost new sock! These are my daily use socks, I don't run or ski in them so they haven't been put through the wringer. I know your socks will naturally wear out as I found out a few summers ago with several hundred running miles on some pairs but I expected more than two months of wear out of an everyday sock. Sadly, these were my favorite of the four pairs I received :( They were purchased at a Boston area REI and I live in Michigan. Please help! I have attached two photos detailing the hole and the sock design.


I probably shouldn't have subject lined my email "SmartWool unhappiness" but it does sum up my feelings and no matter what happens I won't quit buying SmartWool, I'm too smart for that.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Same thing happened to Mike's SmartWool socks he got for Christmas. Wow... - Jill

Abby said...

Have you heard back from them? I mentioned them on Twitter and then got a notice that they're following me. I'll totally tweet this link at them if you want. They hate when all of Twitter can see badness.

Mechelle said...

@Jill check out my "The Reply" post and send Mike's back too!

@Abby, totally tweet it, these socks should not go bad this quickly with normal wear. I spend more on a pair of socks than a shirt and no one even sees my fancy socks!