Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red velvet is in

My camera is failing me because these pictures do not do justice to this cake. If you could only scratch, sniff and taste on the computer. I had three recipes I was torn between using but went with the one using butter instead of oil. Oil is nice but butter is better. I was amazed by the texture and structure of this cake. I'm not often proud of a baked item and maybe it was beginning red velvet luck but this cake was scientifically sound.

My next issue was what to frost it with, butter cream? Cream cheese frosting? Or an interesting pecan cream cheese frosting that seemed to be used traditionally at some point? Fortunately I was blabbing about this cake and a friend sent me her husband's grandma's red velvet frosting recipe which appeared to be less sweet than my above choices. I compromised and used grandma's as the filling for the torted layers and the cream cheese for the outside.

This was the last slice left and a less than excellent example of the magnificence of this cake. (Not to mention the apparent finger prints on the lens-Ollie!)


abby said...

Good golly.

Mary Stoinski said...

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off the lapel of my sweater.... :/