Monday, January 11, 2010

Buchtie Day 2010

January 10th is our annual Buchtie Day and we were fortunate to have the Buchtie Master, Aunt Mary, on hand this year. I've been attempting to recreate her superb results for many years now and I think I finally did it! I made a batch of dough without her help and she made a batch of dough (In the beautiful professional Kitchenaid mixer that she hauled to our house just for the day, I was hoping she would forget it but no such luck.) and amazingly enough the end product was the same. In the Kuchar family this is similar to winning the Noble prize.

I'd share the recipe because it isn't a secret but it is more than knowing the ingredients, it is about how to put it together and the proper consistency of the dough. Then you need to throw the dough, fill it, and top it with posypka which inevitably ends up all over the house because it is good before it is baked, even better after it is baked and falls off the buchtie as you are walking around eating one. Don't vacuum before baking!

Fergie tried to balance and catch one from her nose but failed miserably. She could hardly contain her excitement to get it onto her nose and then it flopped on the floor where she promptly picked it up and carted it off to eat as though she was at tea party. I think the poppy seed filling was a bit extreme for her.

Done on the left and waiting on the right!

The Kuchar girls will have nothing but happy memories of Buchtie Day.

By the time they made it to this plate I could think nothing but "ugh".