Friday, January 8, 2010

The not really a new year's post

I had intentions of starting the new year with one of those boring posts about all the great things that happened last year and then set up some goals for the coming year. But I realize most people don't care how many miles or races I ran, or how many scarves or quilts I plan to start AND finish this year. All those things will just be my little secrets.

The kids had a snow day today and one that couldn't have come at a better time. It has been a frustrating school year and already I find myself biding the time until it will be over. Which brings about one of the biggest issues we will face in the next six months: how our children will obtain an education next year. I'm tired of thinking about this issue and looking and reconsidering every available option because none of them are viable for the group as a whole.

When I was young we lived two houses away from the K-6 elementary school and I attended kindergarten at Lincoln Elementary knowing by mid-year that the doors would close in June for good and we would be bussed to Buchanan after that. Nobody threw a fit, enrollment was down and it just made sense to consolidate. We visited the new elementary school at some point during my kindergarten year and then spent the next six years in a building that I fondly remember and could accurately draw a map of if asked. We lived in a great school district that was well-funded with programs for students of all abilities.

Unfortunately, that is not the case where I live with my children and I have found myself in the position where I must select their educational environment and not just accept it. This decision is tougher than the breast vs. bottle discussion or the cloth vs. paper diaper dilemma. And what makes it so difficult is the lack of options, I'm capable of selecting and supporting a program but when there is only one to choose from it isn't really a choice.

So today I found myself shoveling the driveway and as I was tossing the snow out of the way I glanced up to see St. Francis shrouded in snow. Sometimes there are little surprises out there and just maybe 2010 will bring me a few more.

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Wendy said...

I can relate so much to the agony of figuring out what to do about school. We've always homeschooled, and are considering public school for my son next year. It is such a hard decision. I can see pros and cons to every option, and I know there is no one perfect route to take.