Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello Spring?

The other day I had MY first sign of spring but didn't blog about it because I did last year and didn't feel the need to repeat myself. Instead I found some other positive indicators that wearing a skirt may be in my near future:

The rhubarb is bursting out of the ground.

The crocus' are making a feeble attempt even though it snowed on them today.

This daffodil is waiting patiently to say hello.

The hyacinths are taking a peek too.

And the oldest boy is back at work hydro-engineering.


meredith said...

Where's the snow that I saw when I awoke?! I must take a look at my rhubarb (birthday pie!) and other such green type things - I am sure that raking out last falls guck would help.

Erin the Librarian said...

This post makes me itch to get outside and dig in my flower beds.

Kim said...

Such pretty pictures!

Mary Stoinski said...

Where's the cake pop pictures?!?!?