Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kids, candy, and racing

Oliver attended the NL kindergarten round-up where they tried to bribe him into wanting to go to kindergarten there for 2010-2011. He didn't fall for it and will stick with his beloved Ms. Shari for another year. Good choice Oliver!

My blogging is so far behind that Fergie celebrated her 1st birthday with a homemade cake by Diezel and decorating by the group. It was more than a little messy and Fergie enjoyed her slice so much that she came back to the table for more.

Oliver's class had their annual lemonade stand and here he is with Ms. Marcia selling lemonade and popcorn to his friends and family. He tired out quickly and soon sat down for his own snack.

I spent almost 3 months helping the 5th grade girls at the middle school get ready for the Girls on the Run 5k in Owosso. Gibson decided to run too with both Seneca and him having a great debut race. Now they want to run another one!

Although I haven't updated my race calendar I have still managed a race a month since the year began. My June race hit on my birthday and while I was busy running the kids were hard at work on my cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, they did an amazing job baking and cleaning up the mess. It was the best birthday ever!

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Mary Stoinski said...

They cleaned up too?!?!?