Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brown Dogs

I'm a bit behind in Bloggerland with 2 races to review but I couldn't help putting these photos ahead of race t-shirts, times, courses and post-race food. We had a bittersweet afternoon remembering Buchta while we played with her sister, great nieces and great newphews. One of which will be coming home with us next time we visit.

This is one of the last group photos we had with Buchta while she was still doing well, she died 12 days later.

Puppy pile!

The one with the black collar took a liking to Vinnie.

The grandma and Buchta's sister. She is the spitting image of Buchta.

This is Lil' Bit, the smallest of the pups and the one Seneca wants.


Erin the Librarian said...

How can anyone not want a puppy when looking at these pics?

Mary Stoinski said...

I still don't want one, but I might let Seneca's pick lick me and not cringe.

abby said...

I'm with Mary. I think I could tolerate some puppy slobber from one of those little cuties.

meredith said...

Tell Seneca I'm always a sucker for the runts, too.