Saturday, January 10, 2009

Buchtie Day

Today would have been Buchta's 10th birthday. We have celebrated each year by baking Buchtie (others call them Kolache) with Aunt Mary, the master of Czech pastry. If Aunt Mary was unavailable we would suffer through my attempts and delight in a semi-hockey puck-like version of the yummy treat. After all our hard work Buchta would humor us by balancing one on her nose, flipping it in the air, catching it and then gobbling it up.

We'll be baking Buchtie in her honor this weekend. I just don't know who I can get to attempt the nose flipping trick. (Maybe has been a failure at this particular feat)



Mary Stoinski said...

I'll try if you pay me.

meredith said...

I'll try if Aunt Mary is baking!

Erin the Librarian said...

I won't try, but I'll come to laugh at Mary and Meredith.

Mechelle said...

The payment is in the eaten Buchtie! Didn't you see the Kolache website that sells them $42 for 2 dozen. We could make a killing :)