Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Gibby

Gibby has always been the "lost" kid at our house. He wasn't the first born and didn't cause as much angst as infant number two Diezel did. He has just been the kid that blends in, the one that smiled at his dad just after he was born (And no it wasn't gas, the vernix wasn't even wiped off him yet!), the one that likes to do just about anything. Basically he has been fairly easy compared to other children I have been fortunate enough to parent. Well today, for the nth millionth time he made it clear that he needs a guitar and must acquire one soon. So I have entered him in the Kids Know Stuff guitar giveaway and I think you should enter too! By entering you could win a guitar and lower my chances of further upsetting my auditory sensory issues at the same time. Bless You!


meredith said...

Gibby is one of my favorite people too!(even if I'm not one of his) and no way would I jepordize his chances at a guitar! Keep strumming kid.

Lisa Greenfelder said...

Good luck Gibson! If you don't win maybe Santa is the answer to your prayers.